• Vivo Gloss Dust Grey
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Dust Grey
  • Vivo Gloss Porcelaine
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Porcelain
  • Vivo Slab Kitchen | Matt Dust Grey
  • Vivo Gloss Anthracite
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Anthracite
  • Vivo Gloss Cashmere
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Cashmere
  • Vivo Gloss Stone
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Stone
  • Vivo Gloss Light Grey
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Light Grey
  • Vivo Gloss Ivory
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss Ivory
  • Vivo Gloss White
    Vivo Slab Kitchen | Gloss White
  • Vivo Slab Kitchen | Matt Anthracite
  • Vivo Slab Kitchen | Matt Cashmere
  • Vivo Slab Kitchen | Matt Ivory
  • Vivo Slab Kitchen | Matt White

Vivo Slab Kitchens

Our Vivo kitchen creates a beautiful modern and simplistic look with easy clean properties which can be personalised through handle choice. Contemporary or Classic the Vivo Gloss door has a timeless design that can be used to create any desired kitchen aesthetic.

With 8 high gloss frontals available as well as the option to mix and match with our matt finishes the possiblities are endless and you can be sure to make your dream kitchen become a reality.

Vivo Frontal Colours (Gloss & Matt)

Interested in our Vivo kitchen?

Contact us for independant expert advice or to arrange a FREE no-obligation design and quote with an experianced kitchen designer.Alternatively if you already have a design you are happy with then why not send us the plans for a competative quote, send your plans to sales@oakleafkitchens.com. If you are currently holding a quote from Wren, Magnet or Wickes we will guarantee to beat their price, even during sales promotions.